Tuesday, 11 March 2014

There's nothing like Australiaaaaaaaa...Great barrier reef flight

Apologies for my long absence, but I have been travelling without the use of fancy things like a laptop and without internet for the majority of the time, I've been to Australia to visit my sister.

Probably going to be a lot of posts on this one as we crammed a lot of stuff in and did a lot of active things but I will focus on one of my highlights of the trip, a plane trip over the great barrier reef.

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, we set off about 8am in this little tiny plane, seriously, we were at the back of it and this is what it looked like. I've been in bigger cars.

We flew over some mountains and Whitehaven beach, which was lovely and then we went over to the main attraction, the reef. You see photos of it but it really doesn't prepare you for how it looks in real life, it's absolutely breath taking, gorgeous. It's really strange how there's the deeper sea which is a really deep blue and then the clearer waters of the reef. You can see shadows under the water when there are big things like sharks and turtles.

It's magical, I'd urge you to go visit if you're ever in the area. I always was a bit indifferent towards going to Australia but I think it's worth going just to see this. Gushing over.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Weekend! Cocktails and tapas

So my mostly dry January is over and I had a few drinks this weekend, notably being reunited with my good friend Mr Jack Daniels. I didn't drink a load though so wasn't hungover which is always nice. Still love the taste of a nice JD and coke, always had the taste for it.

I also enjoyed the 2 4 1 happy hour deal at Las Iguanas in Leeds on Sunday. It's always a good place to go for good food and nice cocktails at a reasonable price. The best thing on the menu in my opinion is the brazillian fish curry which goes so well with garlic bread (there is always an excuse for garlic bread)

And I can't round up the weekend without mentioning tapas time, it's hard to get any better than tapas, what more could you want from a meal than what's essentially loads of starters all with garlic or chilli or some beautiful sauce. Spanish omelettes are well under rated, I started putting potatoes in some of mine at home after having them in Ibiza loads. Love.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

The necklace times

Two of my loves, leopard print and a big necklace. Thought I would share two of my fave examples with you lot. The necklace is from Zara and the dress is from ASOS. (one of the only things I've ever actually kept from ASOS, I usually just order stuff then send it back)

I think a statement necklace is a good thing to have in your wardrobe as you can always use it to add interest to your outfit, or if you're like me then it just makes you feel a bit better if you're having a bad day and there's something shiny on your person.

Here's a couple in the shops that I'm liking the look of now, one affordable, one not so much...

Zara Multicolour Necklace
My go to place for a big old shiny necklace, I love this new one. The colours are amazing and when you've got something like this round your neck even the plainest outfits look like something special. This is on my list. I think Zara as well is best for reasonably priced ones, Topshop seems to have gone nuts with their prices at the moment.

Glass necklace on Etsy

I LOVE glass as jewellery, I did some glass work in college and though I managed to cut myself every time I did anything I think the way it looks once it's been melted and fused together is just gorgeous. This looks like it's been lit from within, the colours are amazing it's like looking into the stars. At £140 it's more than I would be paying for one but if you do cost per wear and intend to wear it a lot it'd be perfect.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Emma Watson/Lily Allen new covers

Let's all take a moment here to look how amazing Emma Watson looks like on the cover of Wonderland magazine.
The second cover is my fave, I love the wonky crown and her expression, she looks a bit sad in the other. Let's hope the editorial will be just as good. I like her, probably because she is Hermione and I LOVE Harry Potter but I know she does get some stick from a lot of people. Let's face it the acting in the first couple of Potter films are horrendous but that's from all the kids, I really enjoyed perks of being a wall flower though and I think she's got a long future in films if she wants is. (Also, fit boyfriend)

Another cover I've just seen today that I like is Lily Allen on Elle UK
She makes me laugh on twitter and I enjoy her fancy nails and not being bothered if she offends someone, which is commendable. I'd take her over PR friendly Katy Perry any day, bet she'd be well good to go for a drink with.

Love the Miu Miu outfit and how they've done the logo in the same print. Good effort Elle.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


I know new year is long gone but I thought it would be a good time to have a look at what I want to achieve this year and if I've stuck to those things that I said I was going to do at the start of January.

Drink less - With the exception of a friends birthday that I already had planned I've not drank this year, not even new years eve. I can't say I miraculously feel better like they always say you look on the daily mail and I can't say my skins gone amazing or anything like everyone also seems to say... But I've not had hangovers which is nice. I do fully intend to drink again as well...

Travel more - I'm off to Australia in Feb and have Edinburgh and Ireland booked so that's a good start and I'd like to try at least 2 more countries this year.

BE HAPPY. Not give a f**k about what other people think and what you should be doing and try to decide what makes me happy and what I want to do with my time. Probably the hardest of the lot since it's hard to get rid of stupid things like body image, what you think you 'should' be doing. It's hard to actually know what will make you happy as well so it'll be nice to try and find out what I actually want.

I also think that you can make a change anytime, if you keep waiting for the perfect time to do something then you'll never do anything different and if you don't do anything different you'll have a boring life. So this list may grow longer throughout the year.

Pretty standard resolution type things but let's see how the year takes us.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beautiful things I will probably never own (but would like to)

I really love crystals and semi precious stones in my jewellery, most of the rings I wear are silver and generally from the hippy market in Ibiza. Something I'm really wanting is the below Salome cocktail ring;
from ManiaMania, an Australian brand. (http://i.themaniamania.com/) Though to be honest at $385 it's a lot more than I would usually spend on a ring. Nice to think about what I would buy if I turned excessively frivolous or started blackmailing people or something though.
Also amazing is this bracelet/ring combination thing, I've got one (cheapo from Topshop) and when I wear it I feel like Beyoncé or an Indian princess and I know if I got this I'd look like a nutcase just staring at my wrist/hand the whole time I had it on, possibly giving it a reassuring stroke now and then. Beautiful.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday you could fall apart

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart.
The weekend went way too fast as usual, I'm having a dry January which is surprisingly not too bad as I've still been going out, I'm not put off alcohol forever though. It's helping with the gym efforts as well. (Australia beckons)
Excuse the dodgy mirror photo but this is what I wore today. New top/dress from the ASOS sale. I've been hammering the sales this season, I usually buy quite a lot in store/online then send stuff back as I'm indecisive.
Mondays are for wearing things that are effortless as I'm usually too tired to form a coherent thought before 11am.